Real Estate Istria

IN FIDUCIA NEKRETNINE d.o.o. is an agency formally established in early February 2013. However, foundations and the idea behind its establishment had been developed years before.

My husband and I both graduated with the degree in Economics, specializing in tourism and finances. My husband has acquired work experience in tourism, hospitality and house maintenance while my work experience has been based on working with clients in the bank – with natural persons in terms of loans, deposits, savings and insurance. Having been engaged as a family in tourism for more than 15 years, we have come to a conclusion that tourism is more than just renting property.

Our guests in Villas are also prospective buyers and investors. The city of Poreč and the area surrounding it is abundant with real estate – houses or villas – owned by foreigners who require the service of managing their property and providing general care. Therefore, we have developed an idea of providing the service of not only PROPERTY LEASE AND SALE but also PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. All our clients including buyers, sellers, investors, house/villa owners must come across LENDING, conduct various TRANSACTIONS for the purpose of property buying/selling and real estate INSURANCE.

Combining all of the above, IN FIDUCIA d.o.o. Property Management and Travel Agency provides several market services closely connected with the property lease and sale.

We recommend a well known company for interior consultancy and design to our clients.

Contact us with confidence (latin: in fiducia)!